Stingray Dolly Driver

Stingray Dolly Driver in operation Click image to enlarge

The Stingray Dolly Driver is a new way to remotely control even the heaviest dollies. It runs on standard width (24.5") aluminum or steel track and allows thumb or foot rocker forward and reverse.

The unit is powerful, and also virtually silent, so it can be used during interior sound shooting.

Now any operator or director can control dolly movement during a take at will.

The Stingray also allows repeatable speeds for compositing multiple takes; in this way it can be used as a low cost, simplified motion control. Speeds can range from standard "walk and talk" to very slow, almost imperceptible movement for time lapse.

The Stingray can be used with a tripod, or a camera/head can be directly mounted to the unit via the built in Mitchell mount.

The Stingray is available at this time for rental only; please contact us for prices and availability.