PosiLock Nikon Mount for Scarlet and Epic

Here's the new PosiLock Nikon mount for Scarlet and Epic from Long Valley Equipment.

It has a 304 stainless positive locking ring that holds the lens very securely. A robust lever engages the lens very much like an Arri PL, BNCR, Panavision mount, etc.

This unit also has a stainless iris activation ring with a standard 32 pitch gear for use with iris controls. This allows the unit to operate the iris of all Nikon mount lenses, especially the G series which have no iris ring. The gear also functions as a thumb lever for manual use.

Shown is the mount with the Tokina 11-16.

Body is 6061 black anodized aluminum and is machined from a single billet. All components are rear loaded with no screws on the front. This results in an extremely strong mount that is also very compact and lightweight.

Rear of the mount has the proper recess to allow clearance for the camera's electronic pins, and indexing holes so that the mount may not be installed upside down.

This unit has no electronics, and is meant for those who prefer the simplicity of a manual mount.

This product is not associated with Red. Red has made no statement concerning this mount.

Long Valley Equipment has been an Original Equipment Manufacturer for digital cinema and continues to make quality lens mounts.