I'm Douglas Underdahl.

I designed the Seven Jib XL and Super Track Dolly and do quite a bit of the fabrication. I'm also a DP and director. I wrote the 16mm Camera Book and have contributed articles to Kodak publications and magazines such as IN MOTION and the ASC Manual. I've taught film production at NYU, School of Visual Arts, the Maine Workshops, and the New York Film Academy. I was co-designer and fabricator of the remote controlled pan/tilt head for the deep dive segment of TITANIC.

Our goal: To bring new levels of production value to every film and video project—regardless of budget!

One simple camera crane move could cost close to one thousand dollars...


Now, in one hand, you can carry a professional, rideable dolly—one that supports camera, tripod, operator, and assistant.

Carry 50 feet of track in your other hand.

It'll all stow neatly in most car trunks. Our jib folds to just 34 inches long, yet can provide a vertical lift of nearly seven feet. Change setups so quickly that dolly shots and crane moves can be made anytime, anywhere.

You can phone me at 908 876 1022, and talk to me about your shoot or any problems you might face. Not a machine or a receptionist.