Camera Book

180 pages
8-1/2 x 11"

"It's the best book on filmmaking I've come across."

Rosanne Limoncelli, Production Supervisor, NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

"Quite comprehensive. It's been very helpful to us."

Vanina Feldsztein, Hand Held Films

"The author expertly guides the reader through the ever challenging world of film technology."

Paul Koestner, Director of Photography LOUIE on FX

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The 16mm Camera Book

Readers will find extensive information not only on basics of camera functions, but actual cameras themselves. Why, for example, is the CP 16R better to hand hold than an Arri 16BL? What advantages does the Aaton XTR have over the Arri 16SR, and vice versa? How can you make any sync camera quieter? How do you perform a scratch test? Which light meter is best for cinematography? How do you shoot a TV screen? What's the best (and safest) way to clean a lens? Which is best, Super 16 or Ultra 16?

A chapter on light meters thoroughly explains the basics of exposure. Actual equipment (meters, cameras, lenses, tripods, and accessories) is detailed in such a way as to provide a complete ready reference for both the beginner and seasoned pro alike. Need to know the shutter angle of a Bolex? The closest focus of a Zeiss 10-100 zoom? It's all in The 16mm Camera Book!

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About the Author

Douglas Underdahl is a designer of motion picture equipment, author, teacher, director of photography, and director. His company Long Valley Equipment manufactures the Seven Jib, Super Track Dolly, and he designed and fabricated equipment for the deep dive photography in TITANIC. Long Valley is an Original Equipment Manufacturer for the RED camera company, designing and fabricating the RED Nikon mount. Douglas has contributed to ICOM and IN MOTION magazines, and THE AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MANUAL. He has taught film production at New York University, School of Visual Arts, the New York Film Academy, and the International Film and Television Workshops in Maine. He has lensed TV commercials for Prudential, AT&T, and Horizon Blue Cross. As director, his short films—including one produced for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE—have won numerous awards. He directed FILM SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, a feature shot in 35mm that premiered at Rotterdam International Film Festival and played at 12 other festivals in 8 countries, and won 3 awards including Best Screenplay at Winecountry, Best Feature, Staff Award at Houston Worldfest, and was named a Critic's Pick by the New York Times.